Screening at Dar El-Nimer

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A selection of short films from the Biennale of Contemporary Art Exhibition will be shown at Dar el-Nimer on Wednesday December 13, 2017 at 18.30 – 20.30. MACAM is excited about this collaboration and we are pleased to invite you to the screening of short films, followed by a discussion with Philip Joa, one of

Beirut’s first art biennial – in Alita   Jim Quilty| The Daily Star ALITA, Lebanon: Believe it or not, people have joked about “The Battle of Hastings” – the event used to mark the Norman conquest of Britain in 1066. Impish history teachers have been known to point out that this business probably didn’t take

Pictorama – December, 2017

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Biennale d’art contemporain à Macam Le 25/09/17 Jusqu’au 30 décembre à Macam, un musée d’art contemporain installé dans une usine à Alita, la première Biennale d’art contemporain au Liban rassemble 45 artistes venus de 24 pays. Sur le thème de la ‘Rupture dans la représentation du réel’, l’exposition est une première de cette envergure au

Al Hayat – Dorothy Kazemi, June 12, 2017

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Art Scoops – January, 2017

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Modern art, mountain high  The Modern and Contemporary Art Museum in picturesque Alita is playing a pivotal role by preserving the past and filling the voids for the next generation, as co-founder Cesar Nammour explains When the art historian Cesar Nammour put out a request for documents about contemporary Lebanese art as part of a

Wall of Reflection

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Call for Graffiti Artists 1-The Project MACAM invites graffiti artists to produce a graffiti work on a specific wall of the museum building. 2-The Wall The wall is made of concrete blocks, sixty meters long divided into twelve separate spaces, 5×4 meters high. 3-The Theme The wall will mirror the existential issues of man in

Biennale of Contemporary Art

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Rupture – In the Representation of the Real Multidisciplinary Art Exhibition Under the auspices of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Ghattas Khoury Opening on Saturday, September 16 at 6pm Ongoing till December 30, 2017  45 artists, 24 countries, more than 1,000 square meters exhibition space MACAM is delighted to announce that it will be holding