Khoury Charles

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Born in Beirut in 1966, Charles Khoury holds a degree in lithography from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA).

Member of Salon d’Automne of the Sursock Museum in Beirut, member of the association of the Lebanese Artists and Sculptors,and a member of the International Association of Plastic Arts of UNESCO,Paris, he has been since 1993 a professor of plastic arts at Saint Joseph College in Antoura.

His artwork has been shown in many individual exhibitions in Beirut, and in more than 60 group exhibitions in Beirut and abroad.


About his Work

“Influenced by the war, my works reflect nature with all its constituents: human beings, animals and plants.

Human beings are always haunted by the unknown and continuous worry, especially when facing their destiny. All these are translated into live, warm colors that can sometimes be aggressive.”

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