Competition – THE AGE OF VIDEO

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Age of Video - MACAM

Competition Outline

The Aim

  • To raise awareness about video art that started in Lebanon in the eighties and is growing stronger by the day.
  • To honor the Lebanese filmmaker/artist Jocelyne Saab, the woman pioneer of Lebanese filmmaking.
  • To foster creativity by calling on artists in the video media to participate in a video art competition.


The Means

  • Screening a comprehensive selection of Jocelyne Saab’s short films.
  • Calling out to creative short filmmakers, cineastes, graphic designers, animation artists, video developers to show their talent and skill to create video-clips.
  • Exhibiting the competition works, offering prizes to the three best videos and certificates of participation to all.


The Venue

MACAM in Alita


The Competition

Artists are asked to deliver one video film made the last 24 months of one to ten minutes duration, to be delivered on a USB stick to MACAM.


The Theme

The theme of the competition is THE ENVIRONMENT. Any aspect of the subject could be dealt with.



The Competition is open to serious amateurs and professionals. They have to register at MACAM or by e-mail on

Participation fee is $ 10.


The Jury

A professional committee including art critics and experts in the field will select the three winners.


The Prizes

First Prize                  US$ 1,000
Second Prize             US$    500
Third prize                US$    250



February, 2018

Announcement of the competition

February– May 15, 2018

Registering in the competition at MACAM or by e-mail to

Saturday, May 19, 2018 at 6pm                                                                                                    

Opening of the exhibition of Jocelyne Saab

Sunday, May 20, 2018 at 6pm                                                                              

Deadline for the delivery of the videos to MACAM           

Saturday, June 23, 2018 at 6pm

Opening of the exhibition of the Video Competition, and Award Ceremony with announcement of the Winners and Distribution of Participation Certificates