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Let Underprivileged Children Experience Creativity

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Givingloop - let children experience creatvity

MACAM needs your kind support to reach out to marginalized and underprivileged children and have them enjoy as well the benefits of creative self-expression. With your help we aim to create a customized program along with creative educators to address the special needs these children have, provide them with secure transportation to the museum, healthy snacks and a creative MACAM kit for them to take home to further explore their creativity.



Givingloop - let children experience creatvity

 Reaching out to marginalized and underprivileged children

Our goal is to reach out to public schools that lack the funding and institutional support for trips to a museum. Your contributions will sustain an ongoing program helping children from diverse social, religious and regional background, children in refugee camps, children in orphanages or with disabilities, children from all over Lebanon, by offering them the unique opportunity to be in a tension-free environment and be able to enjoy the multiple benefits of artistic expression. Especially for children living in problematic surroundings creative practices can help to deal with issues such as displacement and loss, violence and trauma, release tension and guide them to express feelings peacefully through creativity.

Givingloop MACAM Children

Positive impact of creativity

The positive impact creative education has on the development of the children are proven, yet, art classes are the first to be reduced in school curriculum. Immersed in nature and inspired by art decreases stress and has a calming effect on body and mind. Children acquire through play new creative skills and become more motivated in learning. By allowing children to discover and to build things independently strengthens their confidence and ability to find solutions. Creative self-expression and challenging children’s imagination make them think outside of the box and have them look at the world in a new way. These are all important lessons for children empowering them to overcome issues, building a broader understanding of the diversity in life and finding hope for a better future.