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MACAM Educational Museum

Macam Education Museum


MACAM is the only cultural institution in Lebanon with a designated Children’s Area. The museum offers creative programs for children from the ages of 3 – 16, ranging from one-hour program to two hours including a guided tour of the permanent exhibitions, creative workshops and a visual presentation about history of sculpture in Lebanon for a higher age group.

  • We believe art appreciation and cultural exposure is important to be experienced from an early age as the values and benefits are understood more intrinsically.
  • Visiting a museum and discovering art is an eye-opener and is the first step to understand and appreciate diverse creative expression.
  • Through creative workshops children of all ages explore their talents and discover their own creativity.


Children Museum Tour


  • Guided educational tour through the permanent exhibition PANORAMA of SCULPTURE in LEBANON.
  • Discussion group: Questions and answers session
  • Rest period: refreshments
  • Creative workshop
  • Group work: Power point presentation about History of Sculpture in Lebanon (for all higher classes)


Children have the opportunity to explore their talents and express themselves freely by using various materials and mediums. They get inspired in the delightful atmosphere amidst numerous artworks, fostering their imagination and self-confidence. The museum staff provides materials and supervision according to their age.

Programs can be tailored to meet the needs of groups and school classes.


Children Art Education


  • One hour and a half for elementary classes
  • Two hours for all higher classes

Benefits of Creative Education

  • Immersed in nature and inspired by art decreases stress and has a calming effect on the body and mind
  • Creative self-expression can empower children living in problematic surroundings to deal with issues such as displacement, loss, violence and trauma
  • Playfully acquire new creative skills and become more motivated in learning
  • Understanding the important role of a museum and its function in a society
  • Strengthens their confidence by giving them new tools and the ability to find solutions
  • Gain new perspective and feel as an integrated part of society

CHildren Museum Tour

Let Underprivileged Children Experience Creativity

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