Workshops for Children

 “Creative expression as a peaceful tool to release emotions and thoughts.”

 Children Creatvity Museum

MACAM is offering workshops for children that aim at engaging them in art and nature in a creative and entertaining way.

Nature Inspired Artworks

Participants explore the garden of the museum to collect natural items they find inspiring. Leaves, woods, soil, all sort of items can serve as an inspiration.  An instructor guides through various artistic ways of using these items for printing, coloring, assembling to create a unique piece of art.

Bric-Brac sculpture

Children WorkshopMake a sculpture out of bric-brac. From a wide selection of daily life items the participants select a few pieces. Assembling and combining these recycled items in a creative way by either stacking or glueing them together.  Recycling art is challenging and stimulates the imagination of the participants.



Cut or tear, small or big pieces, photographs colored images or patterns out of paper, magazines, and newspapers.  The paper scraps are then placed in a new artistic way on a blanc paper. Collage is a fun form of creative expression.

Gouache Group Painting

On one large canvas or paper the whole group will be painting to accomplish a common piece of art. An instruction will give guidance and set a theme. This workshop is held in the garden of the museum.

Clay sculpting

Clay Workshop ChildrenWhat can you create out of clay cube? The creations are endless and each participant is challenged use his hands and fingers to shape, form and mold the clay into a new artistic form. An instructor introduces the participants to various techniques and utensils used in working with clay.





All kinds of color pencils, crayons and chalk to draw on paper or cardboard are offered by the museum. A specific theme or free imagination according to the age group will be the guideline for this workshop. For the very young, the participants are provided with linear drawings to fill in with colors.

Memory and Art

The children will engage in a discussion about what is the significance of memory and of the past, its relation to the present and importance for our future. To express a memory from their past, the children are asked to draw, make a sculpture or write a short story that describes one of their memories, even in a very abstract way. This workshop is about reflection and conceptualization of art, self-expression and personal artistic skills.

 Special Tour – Discovering Nature

Discovering Nature - Children Museum

Growing up in the city, children rarely have the chance to discover the diversity of nature in its many aspects. This tour in the garden of the museum reveals the variety of plants, their role, different types of insects, the water cycle and the history of the Adonis Valley near the museum. The children will gain an environmental awareness, so important for the future.



Duration of workshops 40 to 60 min
or more information please call  + 961. 3.271 500.