Wall of Reflection

by / Monday, 09 October 2017 / Published in Events

Call for Graffiti Artists

1-The Project

MACAM invites graffiti artists to produce a graffiti work on a specific wall of the museum building.

2-The Wall

The wall is made of concrete blocks, sixty meters long divided into twelve separate spaces, 5×4 meters high.

3-The Theme

The wall will mirror the existential issues of man in our global era. Man’s search for his humanity, happiness, freedom and peace in an unwelcoming world where the natural environment is being destroyed and man is threatened by violence, forced emigration and discrimination. In a world ruled by wild-capitalism, illusory democracy and fanaticism, where man is crushed by socio-economic and political problems, and where the basic needs of man for shelter, food, health, education and security are widely not met.


Let the wall be a search for meaning in life. Let it be a WALL OF REFLECTION.

5-Call for Participation  

An artist with experience who has done work in Lebanon can apply to MACAM to do a specific work on the theme of the project. The application should consist of a CV, image and mention of the location where his work is found in Lebanon, a drawing of the proposed work to be done, duration of the execution and a short statement about the proposed work.

6-Final Work

The WALL will be inaugurated when completed. It will be open continuously to the general public and to school pupils’ visits as one of the landmarks of the museum.